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The Economic Costs of Exclusion and Gains of Inclusion of People with Disabilities

11 dicembre 2014

With the landmark passing of the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), ratifying countries pledged to...

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20 settembre 2013

Denmark and the UK are both members of the European Union and are therefore bound by the same European legislation. The purpose of this research is to

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Supporting for people with intellectual disabilities who challenge or who are ageing

06 giugno 2012

A significant care need for service commissioners and providers of services for people with intellectual disabilities (ID) is presented by people with

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Understanding ergonomics at work

16 maggio 2012

You may have heard of the term "ergonomics". This is sometimes referred to as "human factors". Not everyone really understands what ergonomics is,...

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Summary of the law on ACCIDENTS AT WORK

19 aprile 2012

The law says that employers are responsible for the safety of their workers at work. Workers have an obligation to look after themselves as well, but...

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What are Special Educational Needs?

17 aprile 2012

A child has special educational needs (SEN) if he/she has learning difficulties or disabilities that make it harder for him/her to learn than most...

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The London 2012 guide to the Paralympic Games

11 aprile 2012

For 12 days in 2012 the world's attention will be focused on the Paralympic Games in London and we are determined to deliver a spectacular showcase...

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BIRT outcome report 2011

30 marzo 2012

Our third Outcome Report offers critical information to service users and other stakeholders, such as family members and commissioners, about the...

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Asbestos Diagnosis: changes in 2012

27 marzo 2012

An asbestos report is obligatory for the sale of any portion of a building built with a building permit issued July 1, 1997, as well as public areas....

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London 2012: a legacy for disabled people

22 marzo 2012

When London won the right to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games, we promised to welcome the world to Britain in 2012 for "Everyone's Games"....

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