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Inail-Cip sport and reintegration for people with work disability

promotion and dissemination, at the Inail offices, of competitive / non-competitive sporting practice for people with work disability

27 luglio 2021

Inail recognizes the value of sport as an essential tool for the recovery of psychophysical capacity and for the social reintegration of people with disability from work, a fundamental component of the personalized reintegration project built around people.
In fact, through psychomotor education and sports practice, the person with disability achieves evident benefits both on a physical and psychological level.
As far as the physical level is concerned, the regular exercise of a sporting activity produces an increase in muscle strength, the strengthening of the ability to balance and motor coordination and, through the knowledge of one's body, the improvement of one's perception often altered. in people with disability.
On the psychological level, sporting commitment involves a state of general satisfaction that leads to the containment of emotional states by enhancing the capacity for self-control, enhances residual abilities, favors the recovery of autonomy and social identity, helps socialization and integration.
The CIP (Italian Paralympic Committee) ensures, through the regional committees, the activity of information desks located at the local Inail structures, the Centro Protesi of Vigorso of Budrio and its branches and the Motor Rehabilitation Center of Volterra, aimed at promoting and raising awareness of the practice of sports for their clients.
For the Inail client who, even after the aforementioned start-up activity, and on the basis of a reintegration project developed by the multidisciplinary teams of Inail, requests it, the CIP will bear the cost of a course consisting of 40 lessons of at least 45 minutes each in the sporting discipline identified as functional to the excellent rehabilitation way of the patient himself and, at the request of the team itself, also the cost of a similar course in another discipline.
Both courses can be repeated, on request, twice, up to a maximum of 6 courses per client.
The CIP also takes care of the membership costs including the sports medical certificate, provides appropriate organizational support to the Inail members, through its territorial bodies and the sports associations affiliated to the entities recognized by the CIP.
 Therefore, sporting practice constitutes a fundamental step in the rehabilitation process that the Institute guarantees to their injured persons and which, consistently, it supports in the context of the "Regulations for the provision of technical devices and support measures for the reintegration into relational life "(Circular 61 of 2011), both through the granting of devices and aids for sports practice and through the provision of support interventions for reintegration into relational life through promotion.
People with work disability who intend to learn more about how to take advantage of this type of rehabilitation service, must necessarily inquire at their Inail office.
To know more:
"Four-year activity plan for the promotion and dissemination of sports practice for people with work disability 2018/2021"
For further information
• toll-free number 800.810.810.
• from abroad and from mobile phones to 06 455 39 607 (the cost of the call is linked to the tariff plan of the operator used)
• write to the expert:
one informs you that the integrated SuperAbile Inail Contact Center is also multilingual


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