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Call Center

What it is: working hours, tools and themes.

The Call Center answers at toll-free number 800.810.810.
It is open from 9 to 19 on weekdays and from 9 to 13 on Saturdays, calls from Italy are free.
Calls from mobile phones or from foreign countries are not free but anyway in both cases, it is possible to contact the Call Center on the number 0039 6 89919109

The Call Center SuperAbile is organized as a listening, counseling, information and consultancy center addressed to the injured at work, people suffering from occupational diseases, people with disabilities in general, their families, INAIL staff, field operators interested in topics related to disability, but also in general to any citizen who needs information about disability.
The first information you receive when dialing the toll-free number is timetable and working days of Service, a welcome message and a brief presentation of the Service.

Peer counseling, continuous training and an updated data base guarantee to anyone reliable answers in real time. Call Center operators possess highly developed listening and orientation skills as well as long working experience in SuperAbile.
A large number of Call Center operators are individuals with disabilities. They are being constantly informed on up-to-date information on disability issues. They are working members of Social Cooperatives, to which contractual salary is applied in accordance with laws and collective agreements in force.

Aids and prostheses, rehabilitation and technical aids for mobility and autonomy, integration and job reinsertion, architectural barriers and automation design, laws and regulations, traveling in Italy and abroad, sports and leisure, right to study and school integration , personal care and social and health integration: all this wealth of information and specific competence characterize the operators of SuperAbile Service, supported by hundreds of hours of training and retraining. The same themes are the subjects of an ongoing «on the job» training both for the operators and the experts.


The consultancy is available also in foreign languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Romanian.

Operational modalities: listening, guidance and counseling
Operational modalities since 2001 up to the present moment provide interventions on two levels: listening and guidance (area "Call center qualified operators " and help desk) and information and counseling (area "Back Office Sociale" and team of experts)

The subdivision of levels allows to manage the service in terms of appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency, ensuring information control easier and making the management of responses.
The answers provided at the first level are generally answers in real time, immediately obtainable by consulting the database of SuperAbile. If the answer is not exhaustive or seems complicated, the questions are sent to the next levels of expertise.
Each request ( with respective answer) is inserted into the database managed by Service.
The answers of the experts can be later provided (up to the user's choice), by telephone, DTS, fax, e-mail and postal mail.

If the user wants to speak with the operator, the PBX system selects the first available operator and forwards the call. The operator reports his or her name, welcomes the user and records his or her personal information, as required by privacy protection procedures.
If the user wants to receive information by mail or fax, the operator passes the call to the help desk for data registration.
The help desk is required to send the user a privacy policy statement (who must forward it countersigned): only after countersignature it is possible to register the user.
After the registration, the operator proceeds to listening, guidance and counseling, analyzing the information provided by the user and decoding the question.
This allows the operator to choose the right answer in information agglomeration of Call Center Database.
Once the answer is found, the operator provides it to the user, who may require its forwarding in different modes that have been described above. The operator confirms, finally, in the Data Base system the fact of giving the answer to the user and its modes of forwarding and then passes to the next question.

Quite often one and the same call requires solving of multiple questions, the construction of path of counseling and guidance, which will allow the user to learn about his rights and opportunities that can help him improve his autonomy. It is exactly here when the experience of the operator comes into play, long-term knowledge of service, the ability to listen to "the other" and to understand the need: all together listening, guidance and counseling .

The questions that can not be answered by the operators of the first level are sent to the second level and are resolved by the experts.
The answers of the second level are recorded answers that are provided in no later than two working days after the request.
For more complex questions, which may require consulting local offices and specialist services, the answers are provided in a maximum of 5 working days.


Sources of information and database

The main information sources for Service are:

  • a database "Database Call Center SuperAbile" adequately prepared and continually updated and implemented, containing information relating to the thematic areas and the set of questions previously solved. More than 6,000 information sheets.
  • databases on specific thematic areas
  • a library with books and publications on disability
  • principal Internet sites of the sector
  • the network of expertise of a second level
  • the regional network of linked organizations
  • operators - peer consultants and experts in thematic fields, with extensive experience in management and organization of SuperAbile: the majority of them work in the Service since its trial in 2000 or are even directly related to construction and development of the system SuperAbile, interacting with Inail.