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Words of Work - A practical guide for foreigners to not feel foreign in the world of work (2011)

Book The words of the work. Practical guide for foreigners to not feel foreign in the world of workThe words of the work. Practical guide for foreigners to not feel foreign in the world of work" is a guide for the immigrant citizens who are oriented towards employment in Italy and particularly in Rome.

The publication made by Immigrant Area of Caritas (Area Immigrati della Caritas) consists of 13 chapters with many sections which serve for useful and quick reading. It is divided into three parts that correspond substantially to the fundamental areas of life of a worker: "what one needs to find a job" provides a guidance on how to find work in Italy, how one should introduce himself at the interview and how to improve one's education and training; " what one should know while he works " explains types of contracts, documents necessary for employment, social insurance and welfare, payroll and representation; finally, the third part, "what to do when one stops working or loses the job" talks about resignation and dismissal, unemployment benefits , mobility and retirement.

All topics are treated in a simple and highly operative way, providing directions and contact information (addresses, phone numbers, web sites) of work facilities in the province of Rome, a facsimile of valid forms and specifications relating to the condition of foreign citizens legally staying in Italy. A glossary of most commonly used terms in the labor market and a presentation of the work orientation and training service of Foreign Listening Centre of Caritas, complete the volume.

Monsignor Enrico Feroci, director of Caritas Rome writes in the introduction: "The Guide is a guiding tool in the complex reality of the world of work, with its opportunities and pitfalls. The career opportunities for a foreign national are often reduced, but opting for a solution over another, understanding the references presents an action, qualitatively different from collecting the crumbs of others in the general chaos. Helping people to discern and build their own path, in a complicated present reality has become one of the priorities of Caritas. "


Centro Ascolto Stranieri
Via Zoccolette, 19
tel. 06.6861554

(February 7, 2011)

Translated by Polina Gracheva