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INAIL Prosthetic Regulations 2011

Inail for the integration of foreign people

Discipline for workers exposed to asbestos

INAIL Circular No. 32 of May 5th, 2011. Fund for the victims of asbestos: workers and survivors

With reference to the circular No. 32 of May 5th, 2011 it is advised that the elaboration of the request of the additional for the Fund for the victims of asbestos for the years 2008 and 2009 is under way .

Decree January 12th, 2011 No. 30 – Regulation concerning the "Fund for the victims of asbestos"

The Law December 24th, 2007 No. 244 "Dispositions for the formation of annual and multi-year balance of the State (financial law 2008)" to the article 1, paragraphs 241-246, has instituted at INAIL the Fund for the victims of asbestos.

INAIL Circular No. 32 of May 5th, 2011. Fund for the asbestos victims: Financing by the enterprises

Decree of the Ministry of Labour and of social politics No. 30 of January 12th, 2011 "Regulation concerning the Fund for the asbestos victims under article 1, paragraphs 241-246, of the law December 24th, 2001, No. 244".

Workers exposed to asbestos

The welfare benefits for workers exposed to asbestos have their original normative source in the law No. 257 of 1992.

September 2011 - start of the payment of the asbestos fund

The advantage consists in an economic benefit additional to the perceived annuity, calculated on the basis of a percentage measure defined by ministerial decree.

Update: President Resolution of 28 March, 2013, n. 79

The accrual of April 2013 includes the first prepayment of the additional benefit for the year 2012, that corresponds to 10% of the received annuity.